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July 2013

New: 20 GHz sampling oscilloscopes!

  • 20 GHz bandwidth
  • 17.5 ps rise time
  • 16 bit resolution
  • From only $14 995

Small enough to be applied directly, or close, to the device under test, Pico Sampling Oscilloscopes are extremely high-performance and cost-effective measuring instruments for high-speed digital, communications, RF and microwave applications.

Sampling Oscilloscopes achieve better bandwidth and timing resolution than their traditional oscilloscope counterparts. They do this by sampling the signal more slowly, but right at the input connector. A sampling oscilloscope builds a waveform display as the input signal repeats and is not suited to single-shot capture applications. The true power of a sampling oscilloscope is realised when the signals to be measured have a repeating or cyclic pattern, or a steady data rate.

  • 15 TS/s effective sampling rate
  • 1 MS/s sampler for fast waveform builds
  • 2.5 GHz direct external trigger
  • 14 GHz prescaled trigger
  • USB and LAN interfaces
  • Built-in 4 ns pulse generator
  • 167 built-in comms test masks including SONET/SDH, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, PCI Express and SATA.
  • Over 100 waveform parameter measurements
Model Channels Clock recovery Order code £ US$
PicoScope 9301 2 × 50 Ω, 2.92 mm - PP890 9 088 14 995 10 996
PicoScope 9302 2 × 50 Ω, 2.92 mm 11.3 Gb/s PP891 11 512 18 995 13 930

Find out more about the new PicoScope 9300 Series 20 GHz Sampling Oscilloscopes

New: Precision temperature logging for embedded applications

The USB PT-104 is a four-channel temperature-measuring data logger that offers the ultimate in resolution (0.001 °C) and accuracy (0.015 °C). As well as temperature it can also be used to measure resistance and voltage.

We have added new instructions to the Programmer's Guide on controlling the USB PT-104 through its Ethernet port. It is now possible for an Ethernet device to control the data logger without the need to install dedicated data-logging software or drivers.

This new capability is in addition to the PicoLog software and the SDK supplied with every data logger. Using these you can log temperature, voltage and resistance data on any Windows computer, or write your own application using the Windows and Linux drivers and example code.

Download the USB PT-104 Programmer's Guide.

Video of the month: Measuring the Total Power of an RF Pulse

Here's an example of PicoScope 6 being used in RF testing. The PicoScope 6 oscilloscope software has a built-in FFT spectrum analyzer, which not only gives you a real-time display of the frequency content of your signal, but also provides automatic measurements of parameters such as signal-to-noise ratio, distortion, amplitude at peak, and total power.

This is just one of a series of instructional videos on the basic and advanced features of PicoScope 6. Visit the PicoScope youtube channel for a full list.

Resolving Finer Detail

A new report from Evaluation Engineering magazine, on vertical resolution in oscilloscopes, explains why high-resolution oscilloscopes are becoming more important. Find out how high resolution is achieved in practice, the advantages of high hardware resolution over software-enhanced resolution, and the meaning of performance figures such as SINAD, ENOB and SFDR.

Read Resolving Finer Detail" by Tom Lecklider.

Now that you're convinced of the need for higher resolution, why not check out the Pico range of high-resolution oscilloscopes?

PicoScope 4000 Series High Resolution (12 bits)
PicoScope 4000 Series Very High Resolution (16 bits)
PicoScope 5000 Series Flexible Resolution (8 to 16 bits)

... and for a comparison of the models available, read our High-Resolution Oscilloscopes guide.


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