OEM & custom applications

PicoScope, Pico data logger and RF products are at the heart of many custom applications and OEM projects.

Pico Technology has supplied products for use in custom test and monitoring solutions since 1991. Our products have been used as core components in a broad range of demanding applications including the following examples:

PicoScope 6000's and PicoScope 4824's rackmounted and in a cabinet with other modules and components.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, businesses can outsource non-core technical design and module requirements. Pico products are proven, cost-effective and compact digitizer and data acquisition components that are ideal for use in bespoke systems. Our PC based products take advantage of industry standards that are widely adopted and deliver good performance at reasonable prices.

Our technical support team can provide your business with support and guidance for you to develop your custom test requirements, including software development and system integration.

Key to deployment of any test product for a custom application is the Application Programming Interface (API). All Pico products are supplied with a Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes full documentation of the API.

Front page of the PicoScope 5000 Series programmers guide

Sample page from the PicoScope 5000D series programmers guide.

Example code, hosted on the Pico Technology GitHub pages, shows how to interface to third-party software packages such as Microsoft Excel, National Instruments LabVIEW and MathWorks MATLAB and programming languages like C, C#, C++, and VB.NET.

Instrument drivers are available for Windows and, for most products, macOS and Linux (Intel and ARM versions).

MATLAB® is a powerful technical computing environment used throughout industry and academia. We provide seamless integration through Instrument Control ToolboxTM to most PicoScopes. Acquired data can be further processed and analyzed with Signal Processing ToolboxTM or for the PicoVNA, with RF ToolboxTM .

We are proud to be a MathWorks Connections Program Partner with extensive in-house MATLAB developer experience.

Applications prototyped and developed using MATLAB can be compiled and distributed royalty-free to end customers.

For licensing contact your local MathWorks office.

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