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December 2005

New Products! ADC-20 and ADC-24 High-Resolution Data Loggers

The ADC-20 and ADC-24 High-Resolution Data Loggers, the ultimate in precise and accurate measurement, are now on sale. With up to 8 differential or 16 single-ended inputs, 0.1% accuracy and an excellent noise-free resolution, these data loggers are ideal for multi-channel recording of scientific experiments and environmental sensors. Their selection of voltage ranges makes them flexible enough for a wide range of signal types. The specially designed terminal board (optional) makes it easy to connect wires to the unit without soldering, and allows you to adapt the units’ voltage inputs to record temperature, current, pH and many other variables.

The ADC-24 features:

  • 24-bit resolution
  • 7 bipolar voltage ranges from 39 mV to 2.5 V
  • 0.1% accuracy (on 6 out of 7 ranges)
  • Up to 8 true differential inputs
  • Up to 16 single-ended inputs with common ground
  • Analog inputs galvanically isolated against ground currents
  • Fastest conversion time only 60 ms
  • 4 digital I/O channels
  • USB interface (compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0)
  • Compact, robust unit with simple plug-and-play interface
  • No external power supply required
  • Powerful PicoLog data logging software included

The ADC-20 is similar to the ADC-24 but has 20-bit resolution, 4 differential inputs (or up to 8 single-ended), 2 voltage ranges and no digital I/O channels.

More details on the ADC-20 and ADC-24 high-resolution data loggers

New Reference Waveforms in PicoScope Automotive Software

The PicoScope Automotive software includes a library of over 70 waveforms, all with detailed explanations, connection instructions and automatic setups. We have recently added these new reference topics:

  • Accelerator pedal sensors
  • Starter volt drops
  • CDi pressure regulator (Bosch CDi 3)
  • CDi quantity control valve (Bosch CDi 3)
  • CDi injector (Bosch CDi 3)
  • Variable valve timing adjuster
  • LIN bus

Learn more about PicoScope Automotive

Tech Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

Our PicoScope and PicoLog applications are designed to be easy to use by anybody familiar with Microsoft Windows. More experienced users eventually find out about the keyboard shortcuts, which can save them time and effort. Here we list some of the most useful shortcuts, so that you can become an expert today!

In PicoScope:

  • [F1] - View the online help index
  • [F2] - Set up the timebase
  • [F3] - Select and configure the input channels
  • [F4] - Set up the trigger
  • [F5] - Set miscellaneous options for the current view
  • [F6] - Type a note to appear in the current view
  • [F7] - Set up the signal generator
  • [F9]/[F10]/[SPACE] - Pause or resume sampling
  • [Ctrl]+[Left]/[Right] - Scroll waveform left/right in oscilloscope and XY oscilloscope zoomed views
  • [Ctrl]+Mouse Drag - Zoom horizontally by drawing vertical line with mouse
  • [PageUp]/[PageDown] - step through the series of waveforms in “save on trigger” mode

In PicoLog:

  • [F1] - view the online help index
  • [Alt]+[P] - open Player view
  • [Alt]+[N] - open Notes view
  • [Alt]+[S] - open Spreadsheet view
  • [Alt]+[G] - open Graph View
  • [Alt]+[X] - open XY Graph view

For detailed instructions download the software manuals.

Training: Engine Management Diagnostics using PicoScope - London, UK

20 to 21 December 2005

This month Pico will be holding another two-day training course for users of our Automotive Diagnostic Kits.

On the first day you will learn the basic working principles of Engine Management systems, component testing and system diagnostics using oscilloscopes. The day will be split between theory and practical demonstrations in a workshop using the Pico Automotive Diagnostic Kit. On the second day you will continue to explore practical examples of diagnostic work with the oscilloscope. You will also build your understanding of electrical and mechanical faults and the engineering significance of voltage signals.

By the end of the course you will be certified by Pico Technology to use the Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kit and PicoScope oscilloscope software specifically for advanced automotive diagnostic applications. You will then possess the knowledge to run diagnostics on most of the common automotive sensors.

More information on Pico automotive training courses

Christmas Break Opening Times

Pico Technology will close for the Christmas break on Friday 23rd December 2005 and will not reopen until the morning of Tuesday 3rd January 2006. Orders taken on Friday 23rd December will be passed to couriers on Tuesday 3rd January by default. If you specifically require the goods between Christmas and New Year, please inform sales! Our telephone number is at the end of this newsletter.

For UK customers:
If you require guaranteed delivery before Christmas, call to check stock and make sure you order before 14:00 on Thursday 22nd December for Friday delivery.

For overseas customers:
Please order early if you need delivery before the Christmas break. Contact our sales department for advice on delivery times.


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