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New Network Metrology Training board


Building on the popular PicoVNA 106 Vector Network Analyzer, the new PQ189 Network Metrology Training PCA is a printed circuit assembly that carries example lumped element, active and passive and transmission line DUTs and end-of-line SOLT calibration standards.

Providing students with real-world measurement challenges and experience, the Network Metrology Training PCA comes with a protective carry case and is available on its own or as part of a larger kit that includes adaptors, test leads and further calibration standards. Demonstrator kits containing calibration accessories are also available.

In partnership with AWR (a National Instruments company), we have also released a new AWR Interface Wizard, a plug-in interface for their market-leading Microwave Office software and the PicoVNA 106. The wizard allows you to transfer measurement data between your PicoVNA 106 and AWR Microwave Office, with a single click, for comparison with or use within simulation.

New 16 GHz oscilloscope


The new PicoScope 9404-16 SXRTO extends the capabilities of the PicoScope 9400 Series up to 16 GHz bandwidth, 22 ps rise time and 11 Gb/s serial data rate. It also adds a 16 GHz external prescaled trigger input and clock-data recovery. All of this fits into a USB-connected enclosure that's perfect for your workbench.

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New 5 GHz PicoScope 9404-05!


The PicoScope 9404-05 is the first of its kind: a sampler-extended real-time oscilloscope (SXRTO). It's as easy to use as a real-time scope but gives you a choice of real-time or equivalent-time sampling.

  • 5 GHz bandwidth
  • 1 TS/s effective sampling rate
  • 4 channels
  • 12-bit resolution
  • Under $15,000

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See the new 5 GHz PicoScope at Embedded World!


The PicoScope 9404 is the first of its kind: a sampler-extended real-time oscilloscope (SXRTO). It's as easy to use as a real-time scope but gives you a choice of real-time or equivalent-time sampling.

  • 5 GHz bandwidth
  • 1 TS/s effective sampling rate
  • 4 channels
  • 12-bit resolution
  • Under $15,000

Register your interest on our home page and be one of the first to receive the data sheet.

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New 2000 A AC flex current probe


The TA368 is a flexible AC current probe utilizing the Rogowski principle and featuring a built-in integrator.

Equipped with the Pico D9 probe interface, it is designed exclusively for use with the PicoScope 4444 Differential Oscilloscope, which powers the probe and automatically sets the PicoScope software to the correct range and units.

The probe can be used to measure currents up to 2000 A from very low frequencies to 20 kHz. The flexible and lightweight measuring head allows quick and easy installation in hard-to-reach areas and with large conductors. The built-in integrator gives a voltage output directly proportional to the primary current.

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New VNA check standards


Check standards, which consist of a short length of mismatched line, are used to verify that your vector network analyzer is operating properly. They are designed to validate the accuracy and calibration of a network analysis test set up before, during or after measurements are made.

The standards provide a predictable, smooth and stable mismatch and transmission characteristic spanning the frequency range of the PicoVNA 106. Each one is supplied with unique Touchstone measurement data, traceable via PC3.5 standards to national standards. 

  • Insertable and non-insertable models
  • Supported by PicoVNA 2 software
  • Use with other manufacturers' VNAs too

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New 8 GHz Agile Synthesizer!


The PicoSource AS108 is the latest addition to Pico's signal generator range. It has professional-grade performance suited to both static and parameter-agile applications, making it a bench or field instrument for developers, scientists, educators, students, and service and installation technicians.

  • Low-cost, compact USB instrument
  • Windows software included
  • CW, AM, FM and PM output modes
  • Sweep, hop and arbitrary sequence modes
  • Trigger input and output
  • Reference frequency input and output
  • Application programming interface included

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The new PicoScope 5000D Series: the complete all-rounders

  • Up to 200 MHz analog bandwidth
  • 8 to 16-bit FlexRes® hardware resolution
  • 1 GS/s sampling at 8-bit resolution
  • Mixed-signal models available
  • Small, light, fanless design

The PicoScope 5000D Series is the ideal, cost-effective scope for many applications including design, research, test, education, service and repair.

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New oscilloscope probes


We have replaced our general-purpose passive 1:1/10:1 switchable oscilloscope probes with two new 100 MHz and 200 MHz models. The new TA375 and TA386 benefit from several improvements:

  • Replaceable solid and sprung tips
  • Redesigned spring hook
  • More durable cable

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New high-temperature Type K thermocouples


Four additions to the PicoScope 9300 family


The PicoScope 9300 Series of sampling oscilloscopes is ideal for measuring high-speed signals. Pico is proud to introduce three new models to the range, providing an affordable entry to RF measurement.

The PicoScope 9301-15, 9302-15 and 9311-15 have the following key features:

  • 2 channels
  • 15 GHz bandwidth
  • 15 TS/s (64 fs) sequential sampling
  • Eye and mask testing to 16 Gb/s with up to 223–1 pattern lock

Choose from standard, 11.3 Gb/s clock recovery and 60 ps TDR/TDT models. All three use the PicoSample 3 software, just like the rest of the PicoScope 9300 Series.

We've also just launched a new 25 GHz sampling oscilloscope, the PicoScope 9302-25. This 2-channel model adds 11.3 Gb/s clock recovery to our range of 25 GHz oscilloscopes.

New Type T thermocouples


In addition to our Type K thermocouples, we now sell a comprehensive range of Type T thermocouples. These have a narrower temperature range (–75 to +260 °C) but guaranteed Class 1 accuracy (±0.5 °C below +125 °C, ±0.4% above), so are a superior replacement in many applications.

The 13 new thermocouples are available in a variety of lead lengths, probe styles and insulation types, and are compatible with our USB TC-08 temperature data logger as well as all other Type T thermocouple measuring instruments. Prices start from only US$10 / €9 / £7.

Pico news

PicoLog 6.1.13 Beta


Out today, PicoLog 6.1.13 Beta is ready for the upcoming release of macOS Catalina, with its new Gatekeeper security feature. All future releases of PicoLog will automatically be notarized by Apple.

PicoLog 6.1.12


This month sees the stable release of PicoLog 6.1.12, with full support for the PicoScope 6000 Series of oscilloscopes, along with updated drivers for all other devices and a couple of bug fixes.

Read the release notes for full details, or download the software now.

Programmers’ corner


We've updated some resources for users of our applications programming interfaces (APIs):

PicoLog 6.1.12 Beta


PicoLog 6.1.12 Beta is available for download today. This release supports the PicoScope 6000 Series oscilloscopes and has driver updates for all other supported devices.

Read more or try it out.

PicoScope 6.14.5


PicoScope 6.14.5 is here! As well as increased reliability, it features a new DALI serial decoder. DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) provides two-way, two-wire digitial communication for automated lighting equipment, including photocells, routers, touchscreens and more!

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Sampling rate


Ever wondered why, when you change the timebase in PicoScope 6, the sample rate shown in the Properties sheet also changes?

Our new application note reveals all...

PicoLog 6.1.11


PicoLog 6.1.11 is now stable, formalizing our support for the Raspberry Pi (including the new Raspberry Pi 4B), and our new improved math channel function.

As you'd expect from Pico, the software is available for free download from our website now.

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Beta testers needed!


100BASE-T1/BroadR-Reach is destined to become the physical layer standard for high-performance automotive applications. It uses PAM3 signaling on a differential twisted pair, which can be impossible to monitor without affecting the signal. Pico is about to introduce the industry’s first non-intrusive full duplex automotive Ethernet decoder, suitable for any PicoScope with 200 MHz or more bandwidth.

Are you working on one of these automotive networks and, ideally, using a scope with sufficient bandwidth? We want you for our beta test program! If selected, you’ll get the latest PicoScope 6 Beta software, and we’ll lend you a suitable PicoScope if you don’t already have it. We’ll ask you to appraise the system and to give suggestions for its future development.

To sign up, email with your name, company, address and phone number. Please also tell us whether you already have a PicoScope (if so, which model) and briefly describe the technology you’re working with and your test needs.

PicoScope 6.14.1 Beta with Manchester decoding


PicoScope's serial decoder can now handle Manchester encoding. This protocol has a long history but is still in widespread use in network communication standards such as 10BaseT Ethernet and MIL-STD-1553, as well as in RFID and consumer IR devices. There's also a separate decoder for the related DALI protocol, which handles lighting controls.

This is our first new beta in a while, so this update also fixes a few bugs, including one affecting some PicoScope 4000 Series models and an issue causing the software to run slowly when changing coupling mode on small screens or windows.

You can read more about the new serial protocols here.

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Application: partial discharge testing


DIAEL is a Spanish company providing electrical insulation diagnosis, specializing in measuring and monitoring partial discharge from high voltage cables, with a range of products for electrical insulation in cable systems, power transformers, motors, switchgear and so on. This is in support of the 15NRM02 UHV European project developed within EURAMET.Their new MS Pico measuring system uses the PicoScope 5442D oscilloscope alongside BlueBOX sensors and filtering software to allow offline and online measurement and fault location in medium, high and ultra high-voltage systems.

The PicoScope 5000D allows the capture of high-speed transients with sampling rates of 1 GS/s with 8-bit resolution, and can be changed to measure slower signals with a resolution of up to 16 bits and more than 70 dB SFDR, which makes it ideal for the wide range of signals that must be captured with the MS Pico test system.

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New PicoLog 6 for Raspbian OS


With the new 6.1.11 Beta release, PicoLog now supports Raspbian OS. This means that you can now use Pico data loggers with your Raspberry Pi.

Optimized for Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+ on Raspbian Stretch, the PicoLog 6 data logging software package provides a visual, easy-to-use interface allowing you to quickly set up simple or complex acquisitions and record, view and analyze data.


It's the same PicoLog software that runs on Windows, macOS and Linux with a couple of minor performance tweaks to suit the lower-powered ARM processors. 

We've also improved math channels in this beta release to make them faster and more convenient.

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Setup to collection in under 60 seconds


The latest beta release of PicoLog 6 is quicker and easier to use than ever before. In three simple steps, you can now connect your device, configure the software and start collecting data in less than a minute!

Don't believe us? Watch the video in the link below to see it done with a TC-08 thermocouple data logger.

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