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New PicoVNA 106 vector network analyzer - only US$ 5995


The PicoVNA 106 is a professional-grade vector network analyzer for RF, microwave and gigabit data applications. With a frequency range of 300 kHz to 6 GHz, over 118 dB dynamic range, only 0.005 dB RMS trace noise at 140 kHz bandwidth, and "Quad RX" four-receiver architecture, it delivers unprecedented portability and value for money. It's fast, too, with the ability to gather a 500-point 2-port .s2p Touchstone file in less than one tenth of a second!

If you're visiting the International Microwave Symposium (IMS2017) in Honolulu this week, you can see the PicoVNA 106 in action. Our RF business development manager, Mark Ashcroft, will be on hand to answer your questions - visit us at booth 1656.

If you can't make it to Hawaii, full technical information is available on our website. Place your order today and be one of the first to receive a PicoVNA 106 later this year.

Read more about the PicoVNA 106 >  [2017-06]

New sprung hook probes and CAT III test prods and leads


You can use our new test prods and leads with the new PicoScope 4444 differential oscilloscope and in many other applications.

TA308 and TA309 black and red 1000 V CAT III shrouded 4 mm to 4 mm 0.5 m test leads. Use with any test equipment requiring shrouded 4 mm connectors.

TA327 and TA328 black and red unshrouded sprung hooks. For making temporary connections to exposed conductors where touch protection is not required.


TA310 and TA311 black and red 1000 V CAT III test prods. Designed to make safe contact with conductors in fixed mains wiring installations.

More Pico test prods and leads > [2017-04]

New 25 GHz PicoScope sampling oscilloscopes!


The PicoScope 9300 Series 20 GHz sampling oscilloscopes have been joined by two new 25 GHz models. The new scopes offer these impressive specifications:

  • 2 or 4 channels
  • Down to 14 ps calculated rise time
  • 1 MS/s sample rate to 32 kS store
  • 64 fs, 15 THz effective sampling rate
  • Up to 15 GHz prescaled trigger
  • 2.5 GHz direct trigger
  • Pattern sync trigger of length 7 to 223–1
  • 1.8 ps typical RMS jitter
  • 16-bit ADC resolution

Learn more >  [2017-04]

Single- and 3-phase flexible AC current probes


Also new this month, we bring you the TA325 and TA326 flex current probes, which use Rogowski coil technology to measure AC currents up to 3000 A.

  • 30/300/3000 A AC RMS
  • 10 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth
  • Flexible sensor coils for hard-to-reach conductors
  • Non-magnetic: no saturation

The TA325 is a 3-phase current probe with three sensor coils and three scope connection leads, all color-coded to match Channels A, B and C in the PicoScope software. Typical battery life is 1000 hours.

The TA326 is the single-phase equivalent, with a typical battery life of 2000 hours.

Pico current probes > [2017-03]

See the difference: high-resolution differential oscilloscope


We are delighted to launch our latest product, the PicoScope 4444 differential oscilloscope.

  • 4 differential inputs
  • 20 MHz bandwith
  • 12 to 14 bit resolution
  • 1000 V CAT III probes
  • Low-voltage probes
  • Current probes

Safely measure voltages up to 1000 V CAT III with the PicoConnect 442 passive differential voltage probe. Use the PicoConnect 441 1:1 passive differential probe to measure millivolt-level signals in the presence of noise. The PicoScope 4444 rejects large DC offsets that would overload a conventional scope. Additional current probes and adaptors bring even more applications.

Pico is at Embedded World in Nuremberg and Electronica China in Shanghai from 14 to 16 March - come and see the difference for yourself!

Learn more [2017-03]

Coming soon: PicoScope 4444. See the difference!

  • 4 differential inputs
  • 20 MHz bandwith
  • 14 bit resolution
  • 1000 V CAT III probes
  • Low-voltage probes
  • Current clamps

A differential oscilloscope is essential for those tricky measurements where the signal is not referenced to ground. This occurs in situations such as switch mode power supplies, mains installations, biomedical sensors and differential buses.

Come and see the difference for yourself at Embedded World Nuremberg and Electronica Shanghai from 14 to 16 March, or register your details to find out more. [2017-02]

Pico news

Application note: Measuring the supply current of IoT devices


We've added a new application note to our website, showing how to use the PicoScope 4444 differential scope to calculate the supply current of an IoT device - in this case an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

You'll need to measure the voltage across a sense resistor, so differential measurements are essential in order to avoid shorting either side of the resistor to ground, and the low voltages involved make this an ideal application for the PicoConnect 441 probe.

Find out more > [2017-06]

CAN FD decoding


One of the new features in the most recent PicoScope 6 software release (6.12.7) is the addition of CAN FD serial decoding.

Introduced by Bosch in 2012, CAN FD allows for increased data lengths and provides the option of switching to a faster data rate after the arbitration phase.

Find out more > [2017-05]

Differential debug in the Internet of Things


This month sees the second in our series of application notes on the PicoScope 4444 high-resolution differential oscilloscope. We look at how to debug a DC/DC converter of the kind typically used to deliver power in Internet of Things applications. The differential inputs of the PicoScope 4444 allow us to measure across a floating inductor without shorting it to ground.

Read "IoT debug gets a boost from true differential probing" >

Missed Part 1? Catch up here > [2017-05]

Prize draw winners


We held a series of prize draws at Embedded World in Nuremberg, back in March. The winner of the grand prize, a PicoScope 4444 differential oscilloscope, is:

Dr. Adrian Zink
from Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Congratulations, Dr Zink. You can now make four-channel, high-precision, single-ended and differential measurements!

The winners of the daily prize draws are Sascha Grunert, Daniel Baeder and Stefan Paulus, each of whom receives a PicoScope 2206B mixed-signal oscilloscope! [2017-04]

New Asia-Pacific representative office


Pico's expansion continues with the recent opening of a new office in Shanghai, China, to give a local presence for our Asia-Pacific (APAC) sales and support.

Speaking at the opening press conference, Managing Director Alan Tong said: "We have a unique sales approach where we treat customers as our friends ... We will now be able to extend this close relationship with our customers based in the APAC region." [2017-03]

PicoScope 2000B Series is ACE Awards finalist


The PicoScope 2000B Series was selected by a panel of experts for a place in the Test and Measurement Systems and Boards category.

PicoScope 2000 Series oscilloscopes deliver the functionality of six instruments – oscilloscope, logic analyzer (on MSO models), spectrum analyzer, function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, and serial bus analyzer – in a pocket-sized enclosure. Prices are around half those of traditional benchtop oscilloscopes with comparable performance. [2016-12]