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New VNA check standards


Check standards, which consist of a short length of mismatched line, are used to verify that your vector network analyzer is operating properly. They are designed to validate the accuracy and calibration of a network analysis test set up before, during or after measurements are made.

The standards provide a predictable, smooth and stable mismatch and transmission characteristic spanning the frequency range of the PicoVNA 106. Each one is supplied with unique Touchstone measurement data, traceable via PC3.5 standards to national standards. 

  • Insertable and non-insertable models
  • Supported by PicoVNA 2 software
  • Use with other manufacturers' VNAs too

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New 8 GHz Agile Synthesizer!


The PicoSource AS108 is the latest addition to Pico's signal generator range. It has professional-grade performance suited to both static and parameter-agile applications, making it a bench or field instrument for developers, scientists, educators, students, and service and installation technicians.

  • Low-cost, compact USB instrument
  • Windows software included
  • CW, AM, FM and PM output modes
  • Sweep, hop and arbitrary sequence modes
  • Trigger input and output
  • Reference frequency input and output
  • Application programming interface included

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The new PicoScope 5000D Series: the complete all-rounders

  • Up to 200 MHz analog bandwidth
  • 8 to 16-bit FlexRes® hardware resolution
  • 1 GS/s sampling at 8-bit resolution
  • Mixed-signal models available
  • Small, light, fanless design

The PicoScope 5000D Series is the ideal, cost-effective scope for many applications including design, research, test, education, service and repair.

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New oscilloscope probes


We have replaced our general-purpose passive 1:1/10:1 switchable oscilloscope probes with two new 100 MHz and 200 MHz models. The new TA375 and TA386 benefit from several improvements:

  • Replaceable solid and sprung tips
  • Redesigned spring hook
  • More durable cable

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New high-temperature Type K thermocouples


Four additions to the PicoScope 9300 family


The PicoScope 9300 Series of sampling oscilloscopes is ideal for measuring high-speed signals. Pico is proud to introduce three new models to the range, providing an affordable entry to RF measurement.

The PicoScope 9301-15, 9302-15 and 9311-15 have the following key features:

  • 2 channels
  • 15 GHz bandwidth
  • 15 TS/s (64 fs) sequential sampling
  • Eye and mask testing to 16 Gb/s with up to 223–1 pattern lock

Choose from standard, 11.3 Gb/s clock recovery and 60 ps TDR/TDT models. All three use the PicoSample 3 software, just like the rest of the PicoScope 9300 Series.

We've also just launched a new 25 GHz sampling oscilloscope, the PicoScope 9302-25. This 2-channel model adds 11.3 Gb/s clock recovery to our range of 25 GHz oscilloscopes.

New Type T thermocouples


In addition to our Type K thermocouples, we now sell a comprehensive range of Type T thermocouples. These have a narrower temperature range (–75 to +260 °C) but guaranteed Class 1 accuracy (±0.5 °C below +125 °C, ±0.4% above), so are a superior replacement in many applications.

The 13 new thermocouples are available in a variety of lead lengths, probe styles and insulation types, and are compatible with our USB TC-08 temperature data logger as well as all other Type T thermocouple measuring instruments. Prices start from only US$10 / €9 / £7.

New PicoVNA 106 vector network analyzer - only US$ 5995


The PicoVNA 106 is a professional-grade vector network analyzer for RF, microwave and gigabit data applications. With a frequency range of 300 kHz to 6 GHz, over 118 dB dynamic range, only 0.005 dB RMS trace noise at 140 kHz bandwidth, and "Quad RX" four-receiver architecture, it delivers unprecedented portability and value for money. It's fast, too, with the ability to gather a 500-point 2-port .s2p Touchstone file in less than one tenth of a second!

If you're visiting the International Microwave Symposium (IMS2017) in Honolulu this week, you can see the PicoVNA 106 in action. Our RF business development manager, Mark Ashcroft, will be on hand to answer your questions - visit us at booth 1656.

If you can't make it to Hawaii, full technical information is available on our website. Place your order today and be one of the first to receive a PicoVNA 106 later this year.

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New sprung hook probes and CAT III test prods and leads


You can use our new test prods and leads with the new PicoScope 4444 differential oscilloscope and in many other applications.

TA308 and TA309 black and red 1000 V CAT III shrouded 4 mm to 4 mm 0.5 m test leads. Use with any test equipment requiring shrouded 4 mm connectors.

TA327 and TA328 black and red unshrouded sprung hooks. For making temporary connections to exposed conductors where touch protection is not required.

TA310 and TA311 black and red 1000 V CAT III test prods. Designed to make safe contact with conductors in fixed mains wiring installations.

New 25 GHz PicoScope sampling oscilloscopes!


The PicoScope 9300 Series 20 GHz sampling oscilloscopes have been joined by two new 25 GHz models. The new scopes offer these impressive specifications:

  • 2 or 4 channels
  • Down to 14 ps calculated rise time
  • 1 MS/s sample rate to 32 kS store
  • 64 fs, 15 THz effective sampling rate
  • Up to 15 GHz prescaled trigger
  • 2.5 GHz direct trigger
  • Pattern sync trigger of length 7 to 223–1
  • 1.8 ps typical RMS jitter
  • 16-bit ADC resolution

Single- and 3-phase flexible AC current probes


Also new this month, we bring you the TA325 and TA326 flex current probes, which use Rogowski coil technology to measure AC currents up to 3000 A.

  • 30/300/3000 A AC RMS
  • 10 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth
  • Flexible sensor coils for hard-to-reach conductors
  • Non-magnetic: no saturation

The TA325 is a 3-phase current probe with three sensor coils and three scope connection leads, all color-coded to match Channels A, B and C in the PicoScope software. Typical battery life is 1000 hours.

The TA326 is the single-phase equivalent, with a typical battery life of 2000 hours.

See the difference: high-resolution differential oscilloscope


We are delighted to launch our latest product, the PicoScope 4444 differential oscilloscope.

  • 4 differential inputs
  • 20 MHz bandwith
  • 12 to 14 bit resolution
  • 1000 V CAT III probes
  • Low-voltage probes
  • Current probes

Safely measure voltages up to 1000 V CAT III with the PicoConnect 442 passive differential voltage probe. Use the PicoConnect 441 1:1 passive differential probe to measure millivolt-level signals in the presence of noise. The PicoScope 4444 rejects large DC offsets that would overload a conventional scope. Additional current probes and adaptors bring even more applications.

Pico is at Embedded World in Nuremberg and Electronica China in Shanghai from 14 to 16 March - come and see the difference for yourself!

Coming soon: PicoScope 4444. See the difference!

  • 4 differential inputs
  • 20 MHz bandwith
  • 14 bit resolution
  • 1000 V CAT III probes
  • Low-voltage probes
  • Current clamps

A differential oscilloscope is essential for those tricky measurements where the signal is not referenced to ground. This occurs in situations such as switch mode power supplies, mains installations, biomedical sensors and differential buses.

Come and see the difference for yourself at Embedded World Nuremberg and Electronica Shanghai from 14 to 16 March.

PicoSample release 3.25.0


PicoSample is the software for PicoScope 9300 Series sampling oscilloscopes. This free update brings you:

  • USB 3.0 masks
  • Calculator for touchscreen parameter controls
  • Faster random sampling acquisition

The PicoScope 9300 Series USB sampling oscilloscopes offer 20 GHz bandwidth and 64 fs timing resolution for repetitive signals. All this at a fraction of the cost of traditional benchtop instruments!

PicoScope release 6.12.7


PicoScope 6 works with all our real-time USB oscilloscopes, and it's free to download. Changes include:

  • New CAN FD serial decoder
  • New pop-up notifications
  • Clearer channel overrange warnings
  • New built-in settings for TA325 and TA326 flex current probes
  • Improved handling of PicoScope .psdata files saved with a different device

Pico news

PicoScope chosen for high-voltage discharge analyzer


Did you know that the Spanish high-voltage testing firm Diael has chosen our PicoScope 5000D FlexRes oscilloscopes to help assess the condition of insulation in high-voltage installations?

Diael uses a proprietary statistical technique to separate transient events that are characteristic of partial discharge from normal patterns of random electrical noise. The PicoScope 5000D is ideal for measuring the wide range of signals that need to be captured with Diael's system: from high-speed transients at 1 gigasample per second at 8 bits to slower speeds at full 16-bit resolution.

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PicoLog 6.1.7 Beta


PicoLog 6.1.7 Beta, the latest update to the PicoLog data logging software, brings you these new features:

  • Improved autoscale function; added Y axis autoscale control
  • Allows PicoScope 6 or SDK application to open PicoScope oscilloscopes if they are not being used by PicoLog 6
  • Added support for PicoScope 3000A/B/D oscilloscopes
  • Added support for PicoScope 5000A/B/D oscilloscopes

Please look out for the feedback button in PicoLog: . We would love to read your comments on the latest beta version, especially on the changes to the autoscale controls.

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MATLAB support update


We've just updated the MathWorks MATLAB Instrument Driver for the PicoScope 5000 Series to add support for the PicoScope 5000D Series oscilloscopes on Linux. The driver also supports the earlier 5000A/B Series devices.

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New: PicoScope 6.13.7 beta for macOS and Linux


Did you know that the PicoScope 6 oscilloscope software is available for macOS and Linux? The latest beta releases include the most important features (feature list) from the Windows version and support all PicoScope USB oscilloscopes.

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New: PicoLog 6.1.6


Data logger users: make sure that you have the latest stable release of PicoLog 6. Release 6.1.6 has these new features:

  • Supports PicoScope 4824 oscilloscope
  • Supports all current PicoScope 2000 Series oscilloscopes
  • Russian language option

As well as the above, PicoLog supports all Pico data loggers, is available for Windows, macOS and Linux, and is the most reliable and up-to-date way to capture data over long periods.

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Latest programming examples


Here are the latest additions to our programming examples on GitHub:

and on MathWorks File Exchange:

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How low can you go with the PicoScope 5000D FlexRes oscilloscope?


Find out what happened when a visitor at a trade show challenged us to measure a very small signal with our PicoScope 5000D FlexRes oscilloscope.

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PicoVNA software released


PicoVNA 2, the software for the PicoVNA 106 vector network analyzer, has some new features and improvements:

  • P1dB utility sweep range extended to +3 dBm
  • New facility to save and recall status as .sta files
  • Export Time Domain trace data from Save Measurements
  • Time-domain plot marker readouts now include distance and resistance values

There is a longer list of improvements and bug fixes in the release notes, displayed when you download PicoVNA 2.

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PicoLog® 6.1.6 beta for Windows, macOS and Linux


A beta release of our PicoLog data logging software for Windows, macOS and Linux is now available. Here are some of the features we have added:

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PicoScope® 6.13.7 beta for macOS and Linux


A PicoScope 6.13.7 beta release is now available for Linux and macOS. Users of these operating systems can now enjoy these new features and improvements:

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Pulse responses of PicoConnect 900 Series probes


Our RF specialist Mark Ashcroft demonstrates the clean pulse responses of the PicoConnect 900 Series RF and microwave passive test probes. These probes can perform non-invasive measurements with results comparable to or even surpassing those from more expensive active probes.

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PicoLog® 6.1.5 released


The PicoLog 6.1.5 data logging software for Windows, macOS and Linux is now available as a free download. Follow the link below for a list of features and improvements.

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PicoScope 6.13.6 released


PicoScope 6.13.6, the new stable version of our oscilloscope software, includes all the features and improvements that we've been beta-testing and supports all current PicoScope real-time oscilloscopes.

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PicoLog® 6.1.4 released


The PicoLog 6.1.4 data logging software for Windows, macOS and Linux is now a stable release supporting all current PicoLog devices. Here are some of the newest features:

  • Spreadsheet view - shows live, min, max and average values
  • Faster display of very large data sets

PicoLog 6.1.4 is free of charge. If you don't yet have a Pico data logger, you can still download PicoLog and run it in demo mode to try out its capabilities.

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PicoLog 6.1.3 released


The PicoLog 6.1.3 data logging software is now a stable release supporting all current PicoLog devices. Here are some of the newest features:

  • Choice of eight languages
  • Supports Ethernet connection to PT-104 and CM3 loggers
  • Available in Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Uses Windows Extended Validation (EV) signed kernel drivers for easier installation

PicoLog 6.1.3 is free of charge. If you don't yet have a Pico data logger, you can still download PicoLog and run it in demo mode to try out its capabilities.

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Gain-phase analysis of a DC-DC converter


A couple of months ago, we brought you a pair of application notes by Roland van Roy on carrying out gain-phase analysis with the Frequency Response Analyzer. This month, we're pleased to be able to share this video, where Roland demonstrates how to check the stability of a buck converter's feedback loop using a PicoScope 5444B Flexible Resolution Oscilloscope.

Pico Distributor Conference


This month 67 Pico distributors from 21 countries attended a conference near our St Neots headquarters. We hold these events every two years to give our distributors an opportunity for hands-on training and face-to-face demonstrations of our products. There's probably a Pico distributor near you, so please get in touch!

PicoVNA for C# programmers


We've released a C# example program for the PicoVNA 106 vector network analyzer. It demonstrates how to load calibration files, collect S21 data and plot log magnitude.

It's available for free download from our GitHub organization page under picosdk-picovna-c-sharp-examples.

PicoScope 4444 is one of Elektronik’s Products of the Year


This month, Elektronik magazine announced the results of their 20th annual readers' poll, Products of the Year 2018.

The PicoScope 4444 high-resolution differential oscilloscope came second in the Measurement Technology category, putting it alongside products from National Instruments and Rohde & Schwarz.

Pico at Embedded World 2018


Embedded World is one of the major highlights of the T&M calendar, and this year's show was a great success for Pico – literally hundreds of you came to see us and try out all sorts of products and features, including serial decoding, FlexRes, MSOs and the PicoVNA 106.

"Their scopes, though, blow me away." — Jack Ganssle writing about Pico in "Notes from Embedded World", The Embedded Muse.