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Pico joins the CiA!



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CiA stands for "CAN in Automation" and is the manufacturers’ special interest group for CAN (Controller Area Network) based technologies.

CiA members develop and publish specifications that cover all Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) layers and applications in different domains. CiA representatives support actively the international standardization of CAN-related topics.

Additionally, CiA members promote jointly CAN technology in different markets. This includes road vehicles, off-road and off-highway vehicles, industrial automation, medical devices, rail vehicles, maritime electronics, building automation, power generation and distribution, and many others.

CiA is of interest to both Pico’s Test & Measurement and our Automotive Diagnostics businesses as new CAN standards are developed and deployed. Membership will enable us to participate in activities including seminars, conferences and interoperability groups that will enable us to stay at the forefront of this key networking technology.