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Pico at ARMMS 2022



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The twice-annual ARMMS conferences are the primary activity of the "Automated RF & Microwave Measurement Society". Founded in 1982, ARMMS is a not-for-profit charitable society that was originally established to educate and coach UK industry towards computer automation, and quality lift in their RF and microwave test and calibration processes.


These conferences allow for the sharing of a very wide spectrum of RF and microwave knowledge across a large, international membership. It is vital for Pico to stay connected with the shared knowledge and indeed the network of industry leaders the conferences attract. Clearly our USB (computer) connected RF and microwave instruments are as optimal a fit to the original aims of ARMMS, that anyone can hope for! Our Monday morning early bird, Stuart Murlis, always manages to grab Pico a primary table-top in the small commercial exhibition at each conference. That’s relatively easy in November, when the Conference, indeed this Conference is held over the road at Wyboston. The April Oxfordshire venue is a bit more of a challenge; but in a race from the car park, Pico instruments are much smaller and lighter than much of the competition, so we are still in with a good chance!


Commercial exhibition however is an opportunity, rather than the primary aim of our attending ARMMS. We never leave a conference empty-handed; we leave with a nugget of new knowledge, a product idea perhaps, a measurement problem to solve, a solution that we were in need of, or a useful contact for the future.  Not to mention a sales opportunity or two, or even perhaps a new recruit for Pico!