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Notice of price increases on T&M products


You will be aware from industry sources and mainstream media that the semiconductor industry is experiencing severe difficulties meeting worldwide demand. Those conditions have created two closely related issues for the products that we produce here at Pico Technology:

1. Shortages of semiconductors. Several key components that we ordered months, or even years ago have been short-shipped, postponed or even cancelled.

2. Costs of semiconductors have soared. We are having to pay 5x, 10x or even more for some components that are used in many of our products.

Because of those issues we have had to increase the prices of most of our Test & Measurement products. Average increases are around 10% but it varies from product to product. Whilst it is disappointing to increase our prices, we hope that you will understand the exceptional market conditions that have forced us to make those changes.

The component shortages also mean that we have had to limit production of real-time PicoScopes to a group of “Key Products” as follows: PicoScope 2204A, 2205A, 4262, 4824A, 3406D, 3406D MSO, 5244D MSO, 5443D, 5443D MSO, 5444D, 5444D MSO, 6403E, 6404E, 6405E, 6406E, 6424E, 6425E, 6426E, 6804E, 6824E and accessories. Other models in those ranges will be temporarily unavailable once the current stocks run out.

Our procurement team is working hard to overcome the supply chain issues but it will be many months before things return to anything like normal. We will work closely with you during that time to supply as many PicoScope and other Pico T&M products as we can. In the meantime, work is continuing at full speed on development of new products, including the PicoScope 7 T&M user interface that will be released as a full-function package next year. You can try the Early Access version out for yourself now or over the Christmas break!