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New SMBus decoders in beta



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SMBus decoders shown on the PS7 software.

PicoScope 6 and PicoScope 7 Early Access versions now include a decoder for System Management Bus (also known as SMBus) protocol.

SMBus is a two-wire interface, derived from the I²C serial bus, that is used extensively to monitor supply voltages and other critical parameters on PC motherboards and in embedded systems. Component and enclosure temperatures can be monitored and fan speeds controlled with ICs that are equipped with an SMBus interface. SMBus technology is also widely implemented in portable devices such as laptop computers, mobile devices, and cameras for efficient battery management.

When designing SMBus monitoring and control systems it is essential to validate that the complete system operates as expected. The PicoScope SMBus decoder provides a tabular view of SMBus communication packets between multiple devices and has search, filtering and timing analysis tools to accelerate debug and test of a system.

Crucially, error conditions that are observed in the tabular display can be correlated with events that are happening elsewhere in the system by probing signals with the PicoScope analog channels, thereby accelerating the development of an SMBus product or system.