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PicoVNA 3 Software, now with multi-trace and dual-axis plotting


The latest PicoVNA 3 software release introduces a dual parameter plot axes, with up to four live traces and four memory trace plotting in each of the four VNA display channels.

Dual-axes plotting allows users to combine, by transmission example, gain and phase plots, or two sensitivities and offsets within a single display channel. Or, for reflection, perhaps Log Magnitude and SWR in another.

While four live traces allow all four s-parameters to be combined on a single plot, a further example might be gain and group delay for two s-parameters. From there, given that we also now have four memory traces; all four live traces can be displayed and compared with a prior measurement within that single plot. These features bring an entirely new level of measurement display flexibility to the user. On-plot drag or type controls also allow the user to quickly establish a results visualisation that best suits the application at hand.

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