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PicoVNA 5 is now LIVE



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Our new PicoVNA 5 software launches today!

Built for speed, scalability and cross-platform compatibility, our ground-breaking new PicoVNA 5 software achieves compatibility with older computer hardware, while making efficient use of modern hardware (PC, Mac, AArch64, Raspberry Pi 3 and up) to unlock new processing and feature possibilities.  

With PicoVNA 5, you can customize an unlimited array of frequency domain and time domain viewports (display channels) for your PicoVNA 106 or 108, as well as add and group limitless markers with comprehensive user configurable readouts. You can also cross reference limitless memory traces, and enjoy organizing this data on a thoroughly modern, snappy, multi-port User Interface.

PicoVNA 5 has been designed with system and OEM embed integrators in mind. You can use the SCPI remote-command interface, or the separate high-performance API; Lab View, MATLab, and Python users, for example, would all be able to chose either. Both the software and the API are designed to be capable of rapid expansion to meet ever-evolving user requirements; which we hope you will share with us via an in-application feedback utility.

You can find out more, and download PicoVNA 5, on our website.