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PicoScope 7 for Test & Measurement



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PicoScope 7, the next-generation user interface for PicoScope oscilloscopes, is on its way! Windows, Linux and macOS versions of the software are being developed simultaneously, with feature parity across all three.

Major elements already implemented include the basic x and y axis controls, support for analog and digital channels, triggers, time-domain and spectrum-mode displays, rulers, automated measurements, math channels, serial decoding, reference waveforms, buffer memory controls, and signal generator controls.

The current version has been tested for Demo mode and the PicoScope 2000A/B, 3000D and 4000A Series. Other PicoScope devices may also work, but are not yet fully tested. PicoScope 7 will eventually support all current and recently discontinued PicoScope models and most legacy PicoScope USB oscilloscopes. 

We invite you to join the PicoScope 7 Early Access program so you can see where we are with the project and provide feedback about the new interface. You can also let us know about any bugs you find (this is software in development – there could be bugs)! We read every item of feedback.

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