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PicoVNA 5.2.6: A new release



Product news

The release of PicoVNA 5.2.6 brings lots of new memory channel features to the already-powerful existing functionality in PicoVNA 5. This latest release also adds new features to the SCPI remote control interface, the calibration user interface and enables measurement of electrically long or high-Q devices.

In building PicoVNA 5.2.6, we've listened to ideas and feedback from you - our customers - in order to ensure that our cutting-edge product seamlessly meets all your developing requirements. We've taken on board the ideas shared with us and shaped these together to create this latest release of our PicoVNA 5 software.

As part of these updates, we've added new functionality to the sidebar controls in PicoVNA 5 for easily and efficiently creating and editing memory channels. Furthermore, the contents of an existing memory channel can now be overwritten with new live data, or with data imported from a Touchstone file. These new features complement the already extensive and powerful support for memory channels in previous versions of PicoVNA 5.

You can download the new PicoVNA 5.2.6 release from our website.