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Pico Planet: Our NEW environmental web page



Pico Planet

Take a look at our NEW environmental page which is now live on the website.
As you are all aware, we at Pico are very keen to be environmentally-aware and reduce our carbon usage wherever we can. We have already established the PicoPlanet steering committee, and want to inform our customers and distributors  of the changes we are making as a business to reduce our carbon footprint.
We recently filmed a video with our Chairman, Mark Jones, and Pico Planet representative Jon Parker, to discuss the many ways that Pico are becoming greener in the way we conduct business. These range from using plastic-free tape and installing solar panels on James House, to repurposing old cardboard boxes for packaging materials to use instead of plastic. As a company, we are also looking at finding alternative ways to travel for business, as well as alternatives to our plastic cases. In addition, we provide staff talks to educate our team on what we can do as individuals, and as part of the business, to help protect the planet for the future.