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PicoVNA E-Cal and TRL released TODAY



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Pico Technology has complemented its hugely successful PicoVNA vector network analyzer by adding two important calibration options.  Existing and new customers of the PicoVNA 108 8.5 GHz analyzer can now benefit from automated E-Cal calibration and TRL/TRM calibration.

The PicoVNA 108 achieves calibration automation through either male SMA or female SMA E-Cal modules.  These are USB-powered and controlled to electronically select the various short, open, load and through reference standards as they are needed within the calibration process.  You simply power the module, make a single connection of the E-Cal standard between the PicoVNA test ports, and then initiate the automated procedure from within the PicoVNA 108 user interface.

Meanwhile, TRL (Through Reflect Line) and TRM (Through Reflect Match) calibration typically gain favour when needing to measure substrate-mounted DUTs, for example surface-mounted networks or components on a PCB or ceramic.  The necessary transmission lines, low-frequency match and reflections (shorts or opens) can all be readily fabricated at precise on-substrate measurement reference planes.  Additionally, if necessary, the calibration will account for the environmental conditions and any variability of the test substrate.

Existing users can add both E-Cal and TRL/TRM functionality to their PicoVNA 108 using the free-of-charge software update from the download page.  PicoVNA instruments and accessories come with a comprehensive three-year warranty.

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