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New CAN J1939 decoder free for PicoScope



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Screenshot of PicoScope 7 Automotive Decoder

CAN J1939 decoding is now included with PicoScope 6.14.47 beta and PicoScope 7.0.78 T&M Early Access builds for PicoScope 4000, 5000 and 6000 Series oscilloscopes. This is in addition to the 21 serial decoders already included free of charge with PicoScope, with even more in beta testing.

J1939 is used in commercial vehicles for communication and diagnostics among vehicle components and has been widely adopted by diesel engine manufacturers. A driving force behind this is the adoption of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that provide a method to control exhaust gas emissions within international standards. In addition, telematics data can be used by fleet operators to keep track of vehicle and driver performance, such as fuel consumption, safety events, and repair time.

As with other PicoScope 6 & 7 T&M serial decoding tools, the CAN J1939 serial decoder converts CAN bus voltages to a readable form (typically hexadecimal, but binary, decimal, or ASCII formats are also possible). The J1939 decoder is, however, built for decoding J1939 CAN protocol messages and specifically the ID.

The message ID of a J1939 message contains 29 bits, which translates to 4 bytes in hex. These 4 bytes hold key information about the data contained within the CAN message payload.

The CAN J1939 decoder will be invaluable for engineers who are developing and debugging commercial vehicle components and systems.

Download the CAN J1939 decoder now.