Driver ps2000 could find no devices

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Driver ps2000 could find no devices

Post by ceegee »

I try to control picoscope 2408B from a python3 script, but it returns
DeviceNotFoundError: Driver ps2000 could find no devices.
I installed: PicoScope 6.14.44 and PicoSDK(64-bit)
I installed the python installer.
From the github I took the example
Running the script opens a window 'Picoscope', but closes again and the error message appears in the IDE tool
How should I solve the issue?

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Re: Driver ps2000 could find no devices

Post by Dan »

I have similar issue with picoscope 2024A.

When i started my work with this device it worked well in picoscope6 as well as with python. Then sometimes i had to run my code for second time because i got exception: "Driver ps2000 could find no devices". Now it just retuns this exception or it is just loading without end.
Software picoscope6 work in the similar way. When I start this program with conected device it ends on "enumerating devices". When I let it load without conected device and I conect it later it just show "loading devices".
Restarting of PC does't help and disconecting also doest.
Osciloskope sometimes "Click" once or more times.

I use Jupyternotebook and "with" statemet just the way it is showen in ... api-scopes

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