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PicoScope 3000 Series PC Oscilloscopes & Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

PicoScope 3000 Series USB-powered PC oscilloscopes are small, light, and portable and can easily slip into a laptop bag while offering a range of high-performance specifications.

These oscilloscopes offer 2 or 4 analog channels and a built-in function / arbitrary waveform generator. MSO models add 16 digital channels. Key performance specifications:

  • 200 MHz analog bandwidth
  • 1 GS/s real-time sampling
  • 512 MS buffer memory
  • 100,000 waveforms per second
  • 16-channel logic analyzer (MSO models)
  • Arbitrary waveform generator
  • USB 3.0 connected and powered

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Python examples for PicoScope 2000 Series

We've created a set of lecture notes on using Python with the PicoScope 2000 Series (ps2000 API) oscilloscopes. Example code is included. The supported models are:

  • PicoScope 2204A
  • PicoScope 2205A

Older PicoScopes using the same API will also work with minor modifications – see the Programmer's Guide for a list of these scopes.

Read the Setup document below to get started. In short, you will need to install the PicoScope software or PicoSDK to place the necessary drivers on your system. And of course you will need Python.

Example code on GitHub

Lecture notes: