PicoLog Cloud™ 6.2.0 Beta.16 - update:

We are happy to announce that the beta.16 update of our brand new PicoLog Cloud software is now officially open and readily available to the public.  This release concentrated on optimizing the performance server side, and improving reliability of the source client and as such there were no new features, just lots of bugs fixed and improvements made. Here is the feature list from the last update again:

  • Stream live captures directly to the new PicoLog Cloud
  • Secure and reliable
  • View live and saved captures from a remote computer running PicoLog Cloud, anywhere in the world
  • View live and saved captures on any device (smart phone, tablet, PC) running an internet browser
  • PicoLog Cloud Basic account is free to use
  • Works with all current USB PicoLog loggers, and PicoScope real-time oscilloscopes
  • Simple setup, no network setting changes needed
  • Continuous capture, with or without network connection
  • Source client supported in Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry Pi OS

Recent bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where in some configurations, local capture mode would not be able to access the local database
  • Fixed an issue with the RaspberryPi build that caused the installer file to be larger than it needed to be