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grouping graph displays

Post by robint »

Given that you can only display 4 graph real time curves at a time but you have up to 16 channels perhaps being recorded. Is there a way to preset groups of 4 curves, say
grp A = ch1-4, grp B = ch 7-11, grp C = ch 3,5,7,9 (and ditto for Math displays) and so on say 9 grps A thru J, given that the data has already been collected in the table view .

That way its quick to skim thru results by a single click :D

Perhaps one has to dig into sdk s/w? if so which prog language would you recommend for the job - does it sound a difficult task?

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Re: grouping graph displays

Post by AndrewA »


Yes you can only have max. of 4 graphs at a time. Unfortunately there no shortcut to organise the channels into views.
What Pico device(s) are you using with PicoLog 6?
With the SDK you are not able to control the PicoLog 6 software, only the device itself.
I could request a new feature be added to PicoLog 6, for grouping channels into views?
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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