Crash when panning

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Crash when panning

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I am running Picoscope on Manjaro Linux, Linux kernel 6.5.5
Recently, trying to pan after zooming always results in an immediate crash. Also, Picoscope tries to restore the previous settings on startup, which results in the same crash looping endlessly. The only way out was to rename lastsessions.pssettings, but I therefore also lost my customisations. I can only use the software if I remember not to pan after zoom, which is very frustrating.

I have included the crash report. I have also reinstalled the software, but the issue is still present.
Thank you for any assistance!
This report was already sent as part of the crash report by the Picoscope software, but I think the additional info in my post may help to debug the issue.
(2.95 KiB) Downloaded 387 times

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