Calculating KWh (VA) from a CM3 with a Excel spreadsheet

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Calculating KWh (VA) from a CM3 with a Excel spreadsheet

Post by AndrewA »

I have to attached an excel spreadsheet I have created to calculate kWh using data exported from Picolog 6.

To use-
Open PicoLog 6 with your CM3 data displayed.
Go to the table view and configure it as below, you need to set-
Time format to - "Hours, minutes and seconds from start"
Click on the "Ave." button just to export average values (all others should unchecked)
Set the output sample rate as required, I suggest for long time periods using 1 minute or greater.
Click OK

In the table view set all channel units to "A" Amps.

Export to to csv
Export button -> Export CSV -> choose a file name location, click save

Open the attached spreadsheet, click on the "Import data" sheet at the bottom.
click in cell A1

Open the csv file you just exported from Picolog 6.
Press Ctrl-A (select all), then Ctrl-C (copy)
Switch to the other spreadsheet, Press Ctrl-V (paste) to paste data into the "Import data" sheet
click on the "kWh results" sheet at the bottom, to see the results.

Note I have only pasted formulas down to about row ~20000, so if you more data exported then you would need to fill more rows as required.
Excel is also limited to 1 million rows.
Enter your cost of energy for KW/h in green cell L3, if needed.
Change the voltage if required. (UK is 230 volts tolerance of -6% to +10%, which gives an allowable voltage range of 216 V to 253 V)

Note- The CM3 is not able to give phase angle or power factor data, so above only gives Apparent Power Pz (VA) for the Z currents given.
CM3 kWh cals.xlsx - ... ue&sd=true
Also see- ... s-in-Excel
Regards Andrew
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Re: Calculating KWh (VA) from a CM3 with a Excel spreadsheet

Post by autocraft001 »

Good morning,

Very interesting, Im unable to download the excell sheet? its telling me im not authorised.

Can anyone help please, before i start creating my own



WKW Engineering

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