Changing frequency during waveforms

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Changing frequency during waveforms

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My Picoscope is of the 4000a series and I'm using its API in order to control it. Specifically, I'm using the "ps4000aSetSigGenArbitrary()" function in order to create arbitrary waveforms.
The way I understand this function, I can create whichever waveform I want and then repeatedly generate it with different frequencies (according to the DeltaPhase parameter).

My question is this:
Is it possible for me to generate a waveform so that the frequency itself changes during the waveform, e.g., a waveform that starts as a 1V square wave in 3Hz, and then changes after 5 repetitions to a 2V square wave in 6Hz? Or do I have to call the "ps4000aSetSigGenArbitrary()" function twice with two different waveforms?


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