Unable to export CSV of a long duration recording

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Unable to export CSV of a long duration recording

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I made a 3 days recording of two signals.
The probe is set to 10 ms interval.
The table was configurated to show the average, minimum and maximum of the first signal, the average and maximum of the second. The grid view period is set to 1 minute.
In the end I got a file of 185 MB.

If I open the file then the graph is shown.
I can scroll the data, zoom in and out, all works.
If I try to export data as csv then the SW takes all PC ram and cpu and then runs in an infinite loop of a sort of crashes. In the end I have to terminate the sw and no csv is created.
The same if I export only the shown graph portion.
The same if you just go in the grid view without any export.

In the end I manage to export data doing the following:
Open the file and stay in the graph page
"export HDF5"
wait a minute
cancel the export
go to the grid view (the grid now is already populated)
export as csv.

I have picolog version 6.2.7

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