FreeBSD support?

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FreeBSD support?

Post by zucca »


first post here.

I just got my hands on a 6403D. I am riding an UBUNTU machine with the Pico SW 7 early access (not too stable so far, but I am sure it will improve).

I can't believe I could not found anything regarding Picoscope and FreeBSD.
The only thing I got in google is ... 01341.html and it does not look too promising (pocoscope :mrgreen: ).

Before I loose all my hairs trying to port the SW in FreeBSD, I just would like to ask if it can be done or not and why development seems to ignore the FreeBSD planet.

Many thanks!

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Re: FreeBSD support?

Post by Gerry »

Hi zucca,

As you know, with PicoScope 7, we decided to support the main 3 operating systems (Windows, Mac OS and Linux) primarily. Unfortunately, our development resources are not unlimited, so we need to make sure that we are not spreading ourselves too thin, and therefore risking poor quality in our products. So, this also meant that we had to decide on one (and only one) Linux Distribution, so we chose Ubuntu. The problem with this is that there is always going to be someone, using an alternative Linux Distro, that would like us to support it (or would like us to explain why we don't).

So, we had to decide on a Linux Distro that would satisfy a large number of users, along with the other attributes that would make it optimal to base our Software upon. The easiest way to answer this is that I did a quick search for the most popular Linux Distro's and, flicking through the search results, Ubuntu is always at the top or near the top (within the top 3) for good reason. Here are just a few of some key reasons (taken from the 1st of the search results):
1/ For those individuals and companies who require professional support from a distribution creator, Ubuntu stands out.
2/ In addition, it is also a rock-solid operating system. The Long-Term Support (LTS) editions have guaranteed support for 5 years after their release date.
3/ In addition, you’ll see on this list that several desktop distributions are based on Ubuntu – and that is another reason for its popularity.

Please bear in mind that I didn't answer your question in order to start a debate, regarding which Linux distribution would be best for PicoScope 7. I merely wanted to give you some means of justification as to the choice that has already been made.


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