Rapid Block Mode and signal generation simultanesouly

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Rapid Block Mode and signal generation simultanesouly

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I have seen similar questions posted without answers. So I will try again:

Is it possible to use Rapid Block Mode along with SignalGenerator in the same code as a test/debug tool?
Specifically, I would like to be able to prime the Rapid Block Mode waiting for a set of pulses, and then use the SignalGenerator functions to generate some pulses and have them detected and processed all with the same 5443D PicoScope. The signal generator output of the scope will be fed to one of the scope channels via a BNC). I am trying to do this since I do not have a seperate signal generator.
However, the matlab code execution halts after Rapid Block Mode invokation, waiting for signal, and does not return the control back to matlab, therefore I am not able to initiate the SignalGenerator. So it seems it is in a indefinite waiting mode.

Is this possible to do, or am I misinterpreting the functionality of the driver functions?

Thank you

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