Sample rate 3406D MSO

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Sample rate 3406D MSO

Post by mbuckland »

I am trying to use the python wrappers with a picoscope 3406D MSO to measure two channels.

With the Picoscope 6 software I am able to see the expected double-peak structure of the channel C signal. Image 1:

However, when I try to replicate this with the python wrappers using a modified ps3000aBlockAdvancedTriggerExample, I only see one peak in channel C. Image 2:

I think this has something to do with the number of samples and the sample rate as I believe the timebase is set correctly to 2ns using:

Code: Select all

preTriggerSamples = 10
postTriggerSamples = 90
maxsamples = preTriggerSamples + postTriggerSamples

timebase = 1 # 2 ns
timeIntervalns = ctypes.c_float()
returnedMaxSamples = ctypes.c_int16()
status["GetTimebase"] = ps.ps3000aGetTimebase2(chandle, timebase, maxsamples, ctypes.byref(timeIntervalns), 1, ctypes.byref(returnedMaxSamples), 0)
I am not sure what the issue is and any help or suggestion would be appreciated, thanks!

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