Not running on ubuntu 18

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Not running on ubuntu 18

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picoscope 7 is not running on ububtu 18.

The software can't connect to the device (a 3406D). I got a message saying "no data" and I enter an endless loop trying to connect and getting the same message.

The exception says the next, but running the program as root does not fix it.

Any solution?

Code: Select all

File: preferences.xml

File: trace.xml

  Trace opened 30/09/2021.
  Loaded libusb-1.0 ver.
  USB Hotplug available
  Using default culture: English (United States).
  Application 'PicoScope 7 T&M Early Access' (version starting.
  User is not Guest
  No Administrator Privileges
  Failed to detect access rights
  OS Version - Linux Ubuntu
  .net Version - 4.0.30319.42000
  Settings file version - 11.5.1
  Preferences file version - 2.0.0
  Probes file version - 1.0.0
  Data file binary header version - 1
  Exception:GLib.GException: <data>:113:12Junk at end of value for opacity
  at Gtk.CssProvider.LoadFromData (System.String data) [0x0004c] in <5d30aa7866714e1487744c851412cb95>:0
  at () [0x00017] in <32706b30eb524933b6bf8b4349c8aec2>:0
  at Pico.MVVM.Base.Synchronizer.b[h] (System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCompletionSource`1[TResult] df, System.Func`1[TResult] dg) [0x00016] in <b8b29226dd2a49539b0da6ab38c2191b>:0 
  Trace Closing

File: readme.txt
File is empty
Working fine on Windows.

Waiting for your comments.

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