TC08 not found C#

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TC08 not found C#

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Hi Forum,

I'm back on programming (C#) for our TC08 support.
I have a issue that is nagging me a bit. I have a window that has a graph to display the measurements and I have separate class to handle the communication (open and close device, get temp, etc.)
The Process is:
Open the window I make a new instance for the com class,
Open a device (LED steady GREEN) and get a handle.
Start a stream and get the measurements (LED blinks)
Close the stream, close the device (LED OFF) and close the window.
(everything works as expected)
But when I then open the window again and make a new instance of the com class, just as before, but now the TC08 device can't be found?
WHY is this happening?

I made a simple test project to test this issue but here it works no problem.
I use the same Com class and Imports class.

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