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PicoLog 6.2 Cloud: We need beta testers!


Be part of the biggest upgrade to Pico data loggers since the release of PicoLog 6 nearly three years ago. PicoLog 6.2 Cloud massively broadens how and where our data loggers and oscilloscopes can be used – your live captures, in the cloud, for free.*

Setting up a cloud capture is just as easy as a local capture, with no confusing configurations required: the only difference is logging in to your PicoLog Cloud account. Viewing your live PicoLog captures is just as easy from anywhere in the world on Windows, macOS, Linux PC or Raspberry Pi, using the same PicoLog 6.2 Cloud app in remote view mode.

*PicoLog 6.2 Cloud is a free cloud service with some features restricted or disabled. Premium features will be available on annual subscription at a later date.

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