Thermocouple type T, 4 mm x 50 mm stainless steel waterproof tip, 5 m

Type T thermocouples are a good choice for applications that require higher accuracy than Type K, but they have a narrower temperature measurement range.

The SE057 probe has a waterproof silicone rubber jacket and stainless steel tip, making it a highly versatile probe that can be used for full immersion in liquids and semisolids, in fridges and freezers, and for air measurement. Its stainless steel tip makes it a more robust alternative to the exposed junction probes against corrosive or oxidizing liquids.

All Pico thermocouples are manufactured to strict industry tolderances stated in IEC 60584-2 :1993 / BS EN 60584-1:2013, as detailed in this thermocouple tolerances article.

SE057 specifications
Type T class 1 temperature range –60°C to +200°C
Type T class 1 accuracy –40°C to +125°C: ±0.5°C, +125°C to +260°C: ±0.4%
Tip construction 4 mm OD x 50 mm long stainless steel cap
Connector Miniature thermocouple connector
Conductor material Two core Type T, 7/0.2 mm (0.22 mm2)
Cable material Waterproof silicone jacket
Length 5 m (about 16 ft)
Applicable standard Thermocouple tolerance class 1. IEC 60584
coiled up thermocouple showing mini type connector at one end and stainless steel cap at the other
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