Error Connecting PicoVNA106 with Matlab2019a

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Error Connecting PicoVNA106 with Matlab2019a

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I would like to use Matlab2019a to capture S-para data from the picovna106. I downloaded (using Matlab's "Add-on Explorer") the Picovna Matlab toolbox; and added the folder+subfolder to my matlab path.

When I try to run any of the examples provided, I get the following error. Can you please provide some guidance on what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you.

Error using feval
Server Creation Failed: ClassFactory cannot supply requested class

Error in actxserver (line 89)
h=feval(['COM.' convertedProgID], 'server', machinename, interface);

Error in connectVNA (line 16)
obj = actxserver('PicoControl2.PicoVNA_2');

Error in PicoVNA_S_Parameter_Example (line 36)
picoVNACOMObj = connectVNA;

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