TC-08 USB Error Code 15

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TC-08 USB Error Code 15

Post by maurizio » Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:05 pm

I' m a new user of pico tc-08 usb.
Using usb_tc_08_get_temp function in labview 11, I have a return error code 15.
That's undocumented error or my trivial mistake.
usbtc08.dll version running on xp
Thanks in advance for any help,

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Re: TC-08 USB Error Code 15

Post by Martyn » Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:41 pm

This error is detailed in usbtc08.h, but hasn't made the documentation yet :oops:

Code: Select all

typedef enum enUSBTC08Error
  User/Developer error codes
  USBTC08_ERROR_OS_NOT_SUPPORTED,	      /* need to use win98 (or later) or win2k (or later) */
  USBTC08_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER,      /* one or more of the function arguments was invalid */
  USBTC08_ERROR_VARIANT_NOT_SUPPORTED,  /* the hardware version is not supported (download the latest driver) */
  USBTC08_ERROR_INCORRECT_MODE,         /* an incompatible mix of legacy and non-legacy functions was called 
                                           ... or usb_tc08_get_single was called while streaming was active */
  USBTC08_ERROR_ENUMERATION_INCOMPLETE, /* a second call to usb_tc08_open_unit_async() was made before
                                           asynchronous enumeration had completed */

  Reserved Pico error codes
  USBTC08_ERROR_NOT_RESPONDING,         /* unit is not responding to the driver */
  USBTC08_ERROR_FW_FAIL,                /* unabled to download firmware */
  USBTC08_ERROR_CONFIG_FAIL,		        /* missing or corrupted eeprom */
  USBTC08_ERROR_NOT_FOUND,			        /* cannot find enumerated device */
  USBTC08_ERROR_THREAD_FAIL,            /* a threading function failed */
  USBTC08_ERROR_PIPE_INFO_FAIL,         /* could not get pipes from the device */
  USBTC08_ERROR_NOT_CALIBRATED,          /* no calibration date was found */

  New User/Developererror codes
  USBTC08_ERROR_COMMUNICATION           /*the PC has lost communication with unit*/
It means you have lost communication with the device, possibly due to the USB not providing sufficient power to it as it starts operating.
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