use picolog to acquire data autonomously

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use picolog to acquire data autonomously

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hello, I need to create an acquisition system with picolog that works autonomously: when a windows PC is turned on, the acquisition should start automatically and it should stop with a trigger of an oscilloscope channel which should save the acquired data and execute PC shutdown; when the PC is restarted, the acquisition should restart automatically; can you help me? can i do such a thing only with picolog or also with picoscope? Is there a list of batch commands ( CLI ) for picolog ? I use the picolog 6.2.6 version combined with the 4423 oscilloscope

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Re: use picolog to acquire data autonomously

Post by Gerry »

Hi autosacco,

Sorry for the delay in answering (circumstances have prevented me from answering forum posts for longer than we would prefer). If you are still looking for an answer here then, you can look through my response below.

Unfortunately, although PicoScope 6 & 7 have some inherent in-built automation (with PicoScope 6 also having Macros and Command Line options) PicoLog has no inherent automation. So, in order to automate PicoLog and PicoScope software together, there are 3 options that spring to mind, which you could look into, as follows:

Option 1
You could use a free scripting tool such as AutoHotkey to run a script or batch file, to launch Picolog (e.g. in a batch file you would have the command "start C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\PicoLog\PicoLog.exe") and then to run a prerecorded mouse macro to set up PicoLog and start it capturing data. Then you could set an 'Alarm' in PicoScope 6, or an 'Action' in PicoScope 7 that goes off 'on capture', and performs the action 'Run Executable' (PS6) or 'Run Application' (PS7) with the executable/application being a second file/script being executed by AutoHotkey to stop and save the capture and then shutdown the PC.

Option 2
Alternatively, you could try any of the many mouse automation tools that are available (which you can find form a Google search) to replace AutoHotkey (you may need to use more than one different tool if the mouse automation tool can't be invoked with a Specific data file).

Option 3
As another option you could investigate one of the many Automation tools for Apps available, such as in this short-list: but be aware that they may not be appropriate (for instance, in the case of Zapier) where they would need to have some initial integration with our Software in order to be able to perform automation (so you may need one that works differently to Zapier). Also, there may be some costs involved with these.


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