TA189 30A difference in the rise/fall time

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TA189 30A difference in the rise/fall time

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Hi all.
I found that current probe reading is non symmetrical - means fall time is larger than rise time. Any option for the adjustment the circuit inside to have better symmetry of he signal.
Description of the problem.
On the pictures attached it could be seen that rise time for both yellow and blue scopes are more or less equal. But fall time is not. In the setup I have 2 load channel that switching alternately with PWM and nPWM signals. In fact, check the rise time for the other channel it's clearly seen that yellow scope is closer to the true shape.
Regards, Viktor

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Re: TA189 30A difference in the rise/fall time

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I had done the same measurements to compare different types of current clamps and a 0.1 ohm shunt.
Below the rise times of various clamps v.s. shunt (TA300 can be compared to the TA189 I think)
current clamp rise-times.png
Below the fall times of various clamps.
current clamp fall-times.png
The ringing is because we shut down 11A at 50V 8)
Be aware the 10uS is about 100kHz and this is what all the current clamps are rated for.
So everything below about 10uS is within specs of the clamp.


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