picoscope 6404c

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picoscope 6404c

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im trying to creat an automated enviroment for picoscope 6404c using python and spyder. I installed the correct sdk for my system, abd copied the .dll into system32. I also checked connection using the picoscope 6 software and closed it, but I cant get info from my scope out.im running the following lines from your examples:

Created on Tue Dec 14 18:28:45 2021

@author: user

from picosdk.discover import find_all_units
import ctypes
import numpy as np
from picosdk.ps6000 import ps6000 as ps
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from picosdk.functions import adc2mV, assert_pico_ok

# Create chandle and status ready for use
chandle = ctypes.c_int16()
status = {}

# Open 6000 series PicoScope
# Returns handle to chandle for use in future API functions
status["openunit"] = ps.ps6000OpenUnit(ctypes.byref(chandle), None)
and im getting the following error
CannotOpenPicoSDKError: PicoSDK (ps2000) not compatible (check 32 vs 64-bit): [WinError 193] %1 is not a valid Win32 application

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