Raspberry Pi - PicoLog 6.2.5 does not detect TC-08

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Raspberry Pi - PicoLog 6.2.5 does not detect TC-08

Post by thomasgunders »

I have just downloaded and installed PicoLog 6.2.5 for Raspberry Pi OS. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t detect my TC-08 temperature logger.

I have followed the installation instructions for PicoLog for Raspberry Pi;
1. Import public key
2. Install PicoLog

I have checked that the file 95-pico.rules exist:
Content in the 95-pico.rules file:
ATTRS{idVendor}=="0ce9", MODE="777"

When I type the command lsusb in terminal I can see the logger as:
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0ce9:1000 Pico Technology

The Pi HW I am using is Raspberry Pi 4, Model B with 8 GB RAM
Raspberry Pi OS version:
Raspberry Pi OS with desktop and recommended software
Release date: September 22nd 2022
System: 32-bit
Kernel version: 5.15
Debian version: 11 (bullseye)

I have tried OS reboot, different USB ports, removing and reinstalling the PicoLog SW without any success; The PicoLog SW only says “Searching for devices”.

It would be appreciated if someone could help me troubleshooting and solving this problem.

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Re: Raspberry Pi - PicoLog 6.2.5 does not detect TC-08

Post by Martyn »

Can you please email support@picotech.com and someone in the team with access to a Raspberry Pi can assist you with this.
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