Trigger of events

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Trigger of events

Post by Margaux » Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:30 am

How do we see the trigger events day and time if it records by frames/waveforms? Is the maximum waveform max. 10 000 in 3206A? Can it be saved to external harddisk during recording automatically? Thanks

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Re: Trigger of events

Post by PeterF » Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:14 pm

Hi Margaux,

You will need to save data to the hard drive. You can now save a timed file to hard drive in the event of a "Capture" (single screen of data) or "Buffers Full" (multiple screens of data) in PicoScope6. Select "Tools" then "Alarms". For "Event" select "Capture" or "Buffers Full". Now select "Add" or "Edit" and for "Alarm Action" select "Save Current Buffer" or "Save all Buffers" & then give a path & filename. Now, whenever a capture has been triggered or all the buffers are full, a timestamped file will be saved to hard-drive.
You can also trigger on the amplitude of a transient or a change in frequency of the "Base" waveform monitored (50Hz changing to 52Hz for example). You can set-up a "Mask" on either a time or frequency domain signal but only the same waveform is captured. A "Mask" can be set-up such that the current buffer is only saved when the signal exceeds the limits of a user-defined mask. (See the "Help" file and the document below) ... oScope.pdf

Please be aware that your hard drive will continue to fill up with multiple files if you leave it running and you get multiple triggers!

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