PicoScope6 support OLE automation?

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PicoScope6 support OLE automation?

Post by yrlin2 » Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:01 am


Is picoscope6 with OLE automation?
I write the code for 2203 by calling SDK API.
But it's real not as simple as the connecting normal scope by GPIB / USB / TCPIP especially in some measurement.
It take more time to calculate the Vrms, Vpp, freq and even FFT by my program. The guestion is that why i should invent the wheel again.
All the function is in the Picoscope 6.
It will be perfect that I look Picoscope 6 as a normal scope and communicate with it through OLE automation. I send a command and get the results directly. Because both Picoscope 6 and my program in the same desktop, it will be much faster than through GPIB and even TCP/IP.

Best regards

Ray Lin :D

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