Cant update logger with logload

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Cant update logger with logload

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I have an old logger and need to update it as the original software will not work on vista or xp pro, so I downloaded the latest software and followed the instructions for the logload until it said that there was a problem and I needed to reset the logger by pushing a paperclip into the hole between the serial cable and the LED that was either flashing or not lit at all, bit of a problem here then cos my logger does not have an LED nor does it have a hole on the case anywhere at all. I read through the instruction book for the logger and could not find any help on restting it. The only place I remember ever seeing a reset function is in the old software that I now cannot run on my updated PC. Anybody got any ideas?

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Re: Cant update logger with logload

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Do you have the EL008 or the EL005? The EL008 is black, has buttons and a display. The EL005 is grey and has no buttons or display.

If you have the EL008 that does not require an update.

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