Use of multiple TC-08

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Use of multiple TC-08

Post by Bungalow209 » Tue Nov 04, 2008 9:29 am

I am looking to use the TC-08 to log upto 20 thermcouples, so will need 3 units.
In reading one particular entry on this forum it seems that I will not be able to display more than 16 channels at any one time. Can this really be true?
In reading another entry it seems that displaying the real time data is too much for some PCs. Again this seems odd as I would imagine that this is exactly what a significant number of people want to do.
I also read a lot about these units crashing or freezing.

Are there people out there who have successfuly used these in what I would have thought to be reasonably standard operating environment, ie logging maybe 20 thermcouples and displaying the values graphically on a laptop in "real time". Probably only need to take measurements every minute or so for no longer than say 4 hours.

Some positive feedback would be appreciated, although any experiences from people trying to do the same would be great.

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Post by PeterF » Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:37 pm

The 16 trace limit is more to do with practicality. More than 16 traces at a time is very difficult to read and identify each channel. Although only 16 channels can be viewed at a time, groups of channels can be set up and these groups can be be called up for viewing in quick succession. Groups can contain from 2 to 16 traces and particular channels can be in multiple groups to provide a reference. ALL channels are automatically saved to disc. Use the latest software and the USB TC-08 and you should have no problem.

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