ADC-22 -- cross talking between channels

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ADC-22 -- cross talking between channels

Post by simplitia » Sat Jul 26, 2003 1:26 am


I just bought an ADC-22 data logger a few days ago. I notice that when a voltage is applied to channel 1 (example 1.5 VDC) it will not only read 1.5 Volts on channel 1 but other adjacent channels such as channel 2-6 will read the same voltage as well, while channels far away such as 7-8 are unaffected. I tried grounding pins 23-24 but that did not work niether.

Is there a reason why there seems to be cross-talking between the channels or is my logger just not working properly?

Iam running the recorder software on windows XP, and I connect the logger through my parallel port.

Thanks in advance

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Post by markspencer » Mon Jul 28, 2003 10:23 am


When you are connecting the voltage to the ADC-22 are you using your own jig.

Try this place the common into the gnd pin hole and the positive into channel one's pin hole connect a 1.5 volt battery, to the two wires, does the readings effect the other channels.

Make sure that the voltage that you are putting into the ADC22 does not exceed the 2.5 volts, if it does then this will cause the other channels to read the same as the channel with the input.

When grounding the equipment that you are measuring make sure you ground it throught the units gnd so that they will have the same potential.

If you have done all this and the channels are still reading what is measured on channel one the unit will have to come back to us for investigation.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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