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Math/digital channel export to CSV

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I am using a PicoScope 3403D MSO to measure the output of a pressure sensor, with the measurement triggered using the digital MSO channels. I am taking advantage of the Math channel functions to do a real time conversion of the voltage data into pressure in bar.

When I export the data to CSV the Math channel appears to be converted from float to integer values, losing most of the information. The analogue voltage data is still saved as a float, however this is less convenient than being able to export the pressure data directly. If I disable the digital channels before exporting the data then the Math channel data is stored correctly.

I have attached an example dataset. Unfortunately the CSV files were too large to attach, but I can send these separately if needed.


PicoScope version:
Model: 3403D MSO
Driver Version:
Firmware Version: /
Math channel export example.psdata
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