Motor Pump Design - Using Gain and Phase

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Motor Pump Design - Using Gain and Phase

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Hi All,

I have a Solenoid / Motor Displacement problem. I need the transfer function which basically means
the bode plot with Gain and Phase measured - at some point, it would be converted to S-Domain then Z.

I have a Pico 3000 MSO 200 MHZ.

DAC (I2C) needs to be 0 to 5 out. It could be a linear regression curve I guess. The output of the amplifier
is a Bipolar current driver in amps. (May need Current probes here) Not sure exactly how this works or what the numbers are in amps.

The displacement Rod is the output measuring device which drives pressure pump; it's attached mechanically to a Linear Resistor about 100 ohms Min or so to 5000 ohms Max. It's Linear within about 5 % or better in its full range no backlash.

The second output is RS232 Pressure Gauge with a response time around 9600 Baud.

I am thinking PID on the Controller side for Position: closed loop control system with a Gain and Phase. I need to design the Plant model and model the data to get a bode plot of this design.

I am thinking of sweeping the input from 0 to 5 volts dc in at some step rate and measuring the position sensor. Or would I just Step the system 0 to 5 volts Square Wave using the Arbitration Generator and collect data in term of the Response on the output at the position Sensor? Looking for the Gain of the System and Phase. I would like to capture this data and plot this in Matlab for the response curve. I am thinking this would be the S-Domain. At some point, I move the model to Z domain. As this will be embedded in a PLC or Single Board Computer at some point.

Matching PID Controller to Plant Model. Plant Model will have poles and Zero possible some Lag in the system
I need the PID to Controller to reduce Settling Time, Minimize overshoot, and Hold a Pressure Value with a Tolerance. Not sure if there is dead time or hold time involved. New Project.

Any help or direction would be helpful


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Re: Motor Pump Design - Using Gain and Phase

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Hi Phil,

Have a look here:


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