Voltage measurement from a load cell via display meter

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Voltage measurement from a load cell via display meter

Post by Guest » Mon Jul 30, 2007 10:30 am

We are seeking to link a strain gauge load cell to a 12V DC-powered display unit (for instantaneous display of the force) and take the output via RS232 to a laptop PC.

Two questions:
1) I already own PicoLog software 9used for temperature measurement) - can I adapt the software to read the RS232 port without further requirement. If so is there a guide as to how I program Excel to recognise the source input?

2) If direct reading into PicoLog is not possible, what do you suggest I use. The datalogger must be capable of being powered from DC source or laptop via USB as it will be used in a portable configuration and with no AC power supply available.

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Post by PeterF » Mon Jul 30, 2007 2:35 pm

We can't help with the display unit but it should not be necessary if you use either PicoScope or PicoLog. Either can give you an instantaneous display of the applied force. The first step is to ensure the load cell can output sufficient voltage to be resolved adequately by whichever Pico hardware you use. A FSD of around 20-40mV should be fine, lower than that and you may need an amplifier. If you are using a logger already (TC-08?) that might be alright to measure directly and log to a Laptop (A thermocouple logger can also be used to measure low voltages). It will run from a laptop and export into Excel or other programs easily.

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