Streaming Mode PS4262

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Streaming Mode PS4262

Post by atanamir »


I'm currently using the Picoscope 4262 for taking data on one of our detectors. I only need a data rate of about 500 Hz, but actually sampling at the full 10MS of the device and resampling (+averaging) improves my SNR just enough to make the whole detection scheme work. However, I would need to take this data continuously, which I believe is not possible with the picoscope software.

Therefore I tried your Python SDK examples and I cannot get the one to work. The device opens fine and the first block of streaming data is also transmitted / received, but on the second block everything fails. I have tried to track down the issue through the code, but I don't understand the structure of the code well enough to solve it myself.

I have adapted the code from the picostream repo mentioned on the GitHub page for my device (on Windows) and it worked, but I would feel more comfortable using the (much more comprehensive) official repo.
Therefore, why does the stream_capture example fail on the second block?

My system:
INFO: Device connected: 4262 ET337/096
INFO: Driver: PS4000 Linux Driver,
INFO: Firmware:

Thanks for any hints!

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Re: Streaming Mode PS4262

Post by Hitesh »

Hi atanamir,

We are in the process of investigating a related issue. Does the problem occur when you start streaming again or during the actual streaming capture process?

Could you please e-mail wth your adapted code using our repository and we will look to assist you further.


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