Absent features from PicoScope 6 for Mac or Linux

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Absent features from PicoScope 6 for Mac or Linux

Post by emarcw »

I have tried the latest versions of PicoScope 6 on my Mac and a Linux system and I was wondering if there is a list of the features available in the Windows version that are not available or accessible in these other versions. It seems that I am missing out on a lot. It would have been nice to see this information before buying the oscilloscope.

In addition, it would be nice to have a list of features (if any) on the Mac / Linux versions that are accessible through the SDK libraries if not through the main interface. Please let me know if such a list exists, as the documentation for the Mac / Linux versions of PicoScope is not very detailed.

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Re: Absent features from PicoScope 6 for Mac or Linux

Post by Hitesh »

Hi emarcw,

We provide a set of Release Notes for the current beta release of PicoScope for macOS. I will feed back your comments to the Development Team. We are working towards feature parity for Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS which will be available via the next major release.

In terms of the SDK, this provides information on the API functions to call on the shared libraries allowing the User to configure and collect data from the device (normally as ADC counts). Information on the API functions is provided via the Programmer's Guides which can be obtained via the Manuals and Brochures pane on our Downloads page.

Features such as Serial Decoding and Maths channels are post-processing tasks and are part of the software application rather than the driver API.


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