Add A+B, and Invert.

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Add A+B, and Invert.

Post by DerryFalkner » Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:25 am


I am looking for a PC scope and think that the 3205 will be just right.

I need to look at a differential signal (RS485) on a factory network (ProfiBus), and would normally invert B and then display A+B on a normal scope.

I can't see anything in the manual that allows me to do this on Pico scopes.

Are these features available ?

If not are there any plans to include these in the new release of software ?

It would seem a very basic function to expect from a scope.


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Post by ziko » Wed Apr 11, 2007 1:01 pm

Hi and thank you for your email.

You cannot do this directly via PicoScope. There is a way round this, if you choose copy as text and go into Excel, past as a link, this will give you live readings. Channel B results will be under channel A. If you then input a formula to subtract one from the other and plot a graph it will give you a plot of the sum.

You have to be careful though, if you change your trigger point or change your time base and any other settings then your graph may turn out to be incorrect.

See how this fairs.

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