Faulty? Measure time between channel A&B

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Faulty? Measure time between channel A&B

Post by aseman » Wed Jan 24, 2007 5:32 pm

How do we set the ADC 212/3 to measure time(delta) between the signal received on channel A and B?

I am trying to measure a sinusoidal wave through a sensor, and need to find out the TOF(time of flight) from the time the signal is generated to the time signal is received. Say if we direct the signal from an external signal generator to channel A and use channel B to received the signal from the sensor.

How do we measure this time difference in Picoscope or in Visual basic?

Naturally, the signal will arrive at channel A first, then maybe there should be a few microseconds delay until the signal from sensor is received on channel B.

If the method of measuring the delta time is to use the cursor to mark the peak of the signal from channel A and B, then we have a big problem here, because I keep getting same time difference no matter what.

Is this constant time difference is the delay introduced by the picoscope itself or what?

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Post by ziko » Tue Jan 30, 2007 4:06 pm

Hi thank you for your post.

Could you try the following:

Trigger on the first channel and choose a really fast time base.
You can then observe both waveforms on one screen.

If you drag a line from the border at the top to your first signal and then drag a line again for the second channel. You will get a time difference between these two signals.

I hope this helps, if not then I would need to know more about your set-up.

Kind regards

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