Picoscope 6: trigger questions

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Picoscope 6: trigger questions

Post by horst39 » Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:37 pm

I just bought a 2205 MSO and I am liking it quite a lot.
But I have following issues with the latest Picoscope 6 (normal and beta) trigger:
1) duty(D0) (or any function) doesn't work. I get an error "Source missing"
2) B shows a square wave between 0V and 5V. As I am told that the function freq measures time between two 0V crossing points, I used the formula freq(B-2). But again no result.
3) I understand the maximum number of samples with math operations is 5Ms. Can it be higher without math?
4) it is a pity there is no possibility to have advance triggering also with digital data. For instance I would like to get a trigger if a square wave stops for some time (while this is possible with analog channels)

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Re: Picoscope 6: trigger questions

Post by Hitesh » Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:31 am

Hello Horst,

Would it be possible to post a data file/data files or e-mail it to support@picotech.com so that we can see your settings with respect to points 1 and 2?

The PicoScope 2205 MSO only has a 48 kS buffer so you could only collect more than 5 MS without maths channels when collecting data in streaming mode (usually at 200 ms/div or slower depending on the transition point set in the preferences).

With regards to point 4, this feature is available with the new PicoScope 2200B MSO and 3000D MSO models.


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