multiple interfaces

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multiple interfaces

Post by davidshanks83 »

I am putting together a pressure and temperature calibration system. We need to control an oven, a pressure pump, and also read data from a PICO 104 temperature logger, and a pressure standard as well as communicate with the product under test, which is a 3v3 serial interface.
while developing the code in Keysight VEE i had issues with the pico logger not being closed and had to pull the USB out and plug it back in again to get it to start again. On one occasion i did this and the serial communications to the product stopped working and have not returned.
I presume this is clash between the FTDI VI serial ports and the virtual serial port used by the pico logger.
I am about to strip the PC back to the bone and re-install everything, possibly re-install windows.
Anyone come across this before?

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Re: multiple interfaces

Post by Hitesh »

Hi David,

Are you using a PT-104 device with a 9-pin RS-232 port or a USB PT-104?

If you are using the serial port device, please ensure that the device is receiving sufficient voltage (> 7V on pin 7 and <- 7V on pin 4 as per the Technical Reference in the User's Guide.

If you are using a PT-104 with the USB port built-in, which version of the usbpt104.dll are you using?

Which operating system are you using?


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